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New 3D Mobile Game – Super Ball

A NEW 3D game – Super Ball is already in process, and we’re on 50% approximately. As mentioned mobile game will also be playable on all tablet devices. We expect to finish the game in March 2020. For all supporters (GOLD, PREMIUM), will be available 1 month earlier (Feb 2020). We are in full development to realise the project as soon as possible. If we manage to make it, before the deadline, we will immediately publish and inform everyone about it.

About The Game

The game will contain 5 levels (Easy, Normal, Hard, Super Hard and Expert). There will be 15 rooms in each difficulty. Upon playing and successfully completing each room, the player will collect coins. With them, will be able to buy different shapes and colours of balls.

Also, Shop will be in the game, where the player will also be able to buy different shapes and colours of the items.


Of course. We will create 1 »infinite« room where you can compete with players from all over the world. There will also be a Leader-board in the game where you can see, where you are in the world rankings.

We also want to make a Super Ball competitions, in the multiplayer room. You will then need to fit into the first three spots. Because the first 3 are waiting for nice prizes at the end.

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NEW 3D Mobile game – SuperBall

€5 of €5.000 raised
We are currently developing a new mobile 3D game called SuperBall. The game is played with a ball that needs to move away from any obstacles that come in opposite. Inside the track there are also jumps and various attractive tasks.
The game will include over 70 rooms / levels in which you will collect coins to buy new items and colors of your ball.
Of course, we did not forget the multiplayer. Multiplayer will contain 1 “infinite” room where the metric will be added. The player who comes the longest is on the top of the world rankings.
In the game, we will also hold competitions where you can compete with all players in the world. The top three will receive awards at the end of the competition.
Please help our team, until the project is realized.
Of course, each donor will not have empty hands. Check out below for what packages contain.
Thank you!

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