How to make the STRONGEST pasword?
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Passwords are our most important key. Just as we look at the keys to our homes, we need to keep an eye on the passwords. With this key, we lock important information on the Internet. It seems to everyone that it is important that we have a good security door in our homes, but no one thinks that only paper should be at the entrance.

Then why are we not careful with the passwords?
Unfortunately, many people do not know how to use the password properly. Many think that the perpetrators are attacked by only influential people, or we are convinced that this can not happen to us. However, this kind of thinking changes a bit when an embarrassment happens to us, because the perpetrators do not choose by name, but according to our vulnerability.

Mistakes when creating passwords

The same password for multiple online services is the most common and also the most dangerous mistake of users. The same password for several online services is the easiest way to remember the password, that’s true. But when the perpetrators find one of our passwords, they have access to all of our online services.
If we want to stay safe online, we need to ensure that we use different passwords for each web service or application. For passwords, length is important, so we use at least 8 characters or more. NEVER have to use a sequence of numbers or letters, for example, 123456 or adjacent letters on the keyboard, e.g. asdfghjkl. A secure password should contain a combination of small and capital letters or punctuation.
The name, surname and our year of birth, or the name of our pet, are very simple as well as frequent user passwords, but they are also very predictable.
It is also necessary to emphasize that it is highly recommended to change passwords every two months, and also that we never trust the passwords to anyone.

Password Managers

Today, of course, there are already applications that help us. Password Managers are dedicated applications that securely store and protect data. We have many of these applications available, but only three of them are the most popular: 1Password, LastPass, and KeePas. Password Managers operate so that all passwords are encrypted and stored in one place, then locked under one single password. This means that users still have to remember one complex password, which then unlocks all other passwords for different services.
Why choose this?
Strong or. Safe passwords with 32 characters are difficult for users to make, and even harder to remember them.

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