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Want to be in the trend and use the most popular social media? After all, it’s very difficult to choose from so many options. To help you, we have selected the 5 most visited and useful social media.



You probably will say “Facebook, what else”. However, it is still the most popular social network in the world at the moment.
With over 2 billion users, it is still the best choice to get in touch with people around the world.




If you are a more visual type of person and enjoy watching short video clips, Instagram is the best choice for you. Here you will be able to find content full of portraits only. Of course, there are also a lot of amazing photos of our planet, and much more.




Twitter has a different policy than Facebook and Instagram. It is not intended for the daily publication of self-portraits and the writing of long novels, as there is a limited number of characters per post. It is intended to publish short and clear messages.




Designed to network professionals, find business partners and networking companies. Of course, it is one of the better ways to find a new job.




It is particularly popular in younger generations. It works in a way to capture and record content, which is self-destruct after ten seconds. There is also a messaging feature.


These are the 5 most popular social networking sites that you can sign in and use for free. Of course, beware of your content publishing, so that you will not regret over what time you posted.
Check out our other blogs. “Safe on the Internet”, where you can also find tips on how to behave properly on social networks.

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