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Creating web pages is a more important activity from day to day, as we increasingly use technology devices. It is precisely because of this that the physical contact between the user, the buyer and the provider is less and less.

Most users first investigate the provider online. Check customer reviews, what’s on offer, and how it works. Only if the user has received a good first impression and a good user experience becomes a potential buyer.

For all entrepreneurs and people who are not sure that the site is important, try this test.
Go on your own coffee to the nearest cafeteria. Sit down at the table where you will see the rest of the room. Watch what people do around you. Observe how many people are actually talking to each other and how many people are dealing with their “technology toys”.

Walk through the city or when you are waiting at the intersection in your vehicle waiting for the green light at the traffic light to perform the test again. How many people are looking at the phone while walking? And how exactly does it just walk and observe the beautiful surroundings?

In my case, the phone was at least 90%. Now make a break, and think! What the hell are they doing on the phone, what are they doing?
It’s quite likely that they are exploring postings over social networks and the wider web.

Something very important!

Think of all of these users who have passed the test directly, are viewing your site and deciding for your service or product. In practice, this is really impossible, however, if at least 10% of people find your site from these people?
Let’s make a short report:

For example, You will observe 10 people. This means that 10% of 10 tested 1 user visited your site.

Since social networks are widespread and Slovenia is not so small, we try with a larger number of tested users.
Select 100 people. This means the new 10 users on your site.
What about 1000 people? Your site will be visited by as many as 100 users.
Now, think how many people your country has? And print a 10% score on the sheet. Are you? Interesting no? The number is huge.

Of course, all the people who visit your site do not opt for your service or product, but it is important that they were aware that you offer this and that they can choose you for this service or product, or recommend you to other people.
Are you still skeptical about the necessity of a website?

The options are two:
– Do you offer a service or product that is indispensable for life? It can, but is that true? Are you the only one who can do this?

– Or, you need a website to turn users into potential customers. Otherwise, with the website, I do not assure you the success of the company and the crazy business here, but there is a greater chance that this just happens.
What about the price?

Many entrepreneurs do not opt for a website with a mentality: “The price is too high. I’m not a goldsmith. ” It is true! The creation of web pages is not very favorable. However, you need to know that for the QUALITY website there is a lot of knowledge and work and, above all, a huge number. hours worked for production.

The essence of everything. Your website is UNICATED!
It is made up of exactly all your wishes and needs for your business.

Otherwise, this is a one-time investment.
The right site maker will create your website so that you will not need to modify and edit the site every month. Well, only if it was your wish. Of course, it is necessary to update all plug-ins and themes that are installed on your site every time, but this is not so complex work as the creation itself.

It is very important that after the completion of the work, the manufacturer also presents how the work was done, how you can manage it yourself and how you can change the material (images, texts, video content, …).
With this choice of manufacturer, you can avoid additional costs! Only with a little effort and will you also be able to change the material on your unique website!

John Stuart Mill

All desirable things… are desirable either for the pleasure inherent in themselves, or as a means to the promotion of pleasure and the prevention of pain.

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