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It has been known for a long time, it is essential that the broad reach of posts, blogs and profiles of social media is essential. It makes it easier for people to search for content.
If you are a blogger and you do not have an Instagram account yet, it’s time to create it. However, you should be well aware that there is a lot of work ahead of the successful and popular profile. You must constantly work to make people see you in this crowd of users.
In doing so, you can help with the already influencer profiles to make your content or profile public.
Some tips for a good user experience:

1. Choose a good username

The first chapter is when you set up your account. It’s a good idea to choose a name that refers to your content, images or blogs. Think of something professional and attractive. Add a nice cover image that immediately falls in the eyes and shakes other users to also visit your profile and perform some kind of activity on it.

2. Choose your niche

Choose one of your favorite niches and insist on it. If you are a blogger and write about your travels, users will later come up with new information about travel blogs and not for other activities.

3. Tell the story

Show your whole story to people. In addition, add the location of your visit so that others can view it live. Add clear instructions to what to look, for example, when viewing the location.

4. Use hashtags

Instagram allows you to have 30 hashtags per image. You do not always need to use everyone, but they are very important. Let them refer to the content that you are offering at that moment. A lot of users are browsing online content through hashtags, which increases the chance of visiting your profile / blog.

5. Follow, include your Instamates

Follow and engage in other influential accounts. It’s very useful for your profile to become one of the influential accounts.

6. Use Instagram Slideshow

Instagram slide show allows you to build a story with a series of images. In this way, users can quickly review your way to success influential account.

7. Story, story, story

Statistics say that people like to read the stories of others very much. However, with the interesting content that they can also learn something and use it in their lives. Stories should contain pictures and videos. Be careful, however, that it does not contain hate speech!

8. Daily postsy

This is the key to a powerful account! Everyday people use social networks. Users will return to your profile only if they find out something new when they visit your profile

Albert Einstein

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.

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