A new Mobile 3D game called Super Ball, designed for all mobile devices running the Android operating system.

Purpose of the game:

Successfully bring the ball to the goal past all obstacles.


How to play:

Turn the phone (left / right) to move the ball. The forward speed is static and may change slightly when turning the device (forward / backward).


What the game contains:

The game currently contains 6 difficulty levels. (Easy, Normal, Hard, SuperHard, Expert in Multiplayer). There are 15 rooms in each room.
Currently the first 3 rooms are available – Easy, Normal, Hard.
Rooms like SuperHard and Expert are currently under construction, as is Multiplayer.

Because the Multiplayer room takes a lot of work and thus the necessary support, you help us to realize it faster. Via the PayPall form below.
Support via PayPall account is for the purpose of the Multiplayer game only!

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